Why Protein Desserts?

People who train need protein to build and retain muscle. My protein desserts are a delicious way to get part of your daily protein without the guilt. All of my protein desserts are low in sugar and are wheat-free. 

You can order a set of 6 cups for 36 leva.

Carrot Cake

Protein Carrot Cake Cups

Homemade carrot cake made with oat flour and coconut oil layered with smooth cream cheese frosting.

No added sugar & Wheat-free

15.8g protein

5g Sugar (lactose and carrots)

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Protein Biscuit Cake Cups

Homemade chocolate oat cookies, dark chocolate ganache, and vanilla bean custard cream.

No added sugar & wheat-free

16g  protein

6.4g sugar (dark chocolate and lactose)