Protein Desserts

Why Protein Desserts?

People who train need protein to build and retain muscle. My protein desserts are a delicious way to get part of your daily protein without the guilt. Almost all of my protein desserts are made without any added sugar (or have a minuscule amount which is disclosed) and are wheat-free. 

You can order a set of 6 cups for 36 leva.

Carrot Cake

Protein Carrot Cake Cups

Homemade carrot cake made with oat flour and coconut oil layered with smooth cream cheese frosting.

No added sugar & Wheat-free

15g protein

1.8g fiber

3.6g lactose (sugar from milk)


Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Protein Biscuit Cake Cups

Homemade chocolate oat cookies, dark chocolate ganache, and vanilla bean custard cream.

Only 2.5g Added Sugar & Wheat-free

16g  protein

5.5g  fiber

2.5g added sugar (81% dark chocolate)

3.9g lactose (sugar from milk)


Strawberry Cheesecake

Protein Strawberry Cheesecake Cups

Toasted cinnamon oats, homemade strawberry reduction, and lemon-vanilla cream cheese whipped cream.

No added sugar & wheat-free

15g protein

2.6g fiber

2.5g lactose (sugar from milk)

2.4g fructose (strawberries)