About Me


Food has been a passion of mine ever since I was little, over the years I started practicing recipes and really being involved in the kitchen. When I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life I went to school to study French Patisserie in FERRANDI – Paris. After graduating I came back to Bulgaria, and continued making desserts in my family’s hotel. 

I’ve found many desserts that I have tried in bakeries, restaurants, or even store-bought snacks to be too sweet no matter the quality or price of the product. I believe that a dessert doesn’t need to be loaded with sugar to taste good, you just need to choose quality ingredients and proper methods of preparation to achieve a delicious product. 

Everything on the menu is made to order, to keep them as fresh as possible. For more information on how ordering works, scroll down.

How ordering works

1. Make your order online, by email or phone. All orders must be made at least 3 days in advance.

2. You will be notified by email or phone when your order will be ready.

3. Pick up and pay for your order at Magic Castle Hotel Sofia.

Contact Me

Magic Castle Hotel Sofia
Blvd. Cherni Vrah 29 Lozenetz, 1421
Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 886 89 0079

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